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February 22, 2020

One of my biggest foodie complaints towards the end of 2019, was that there doesn't seem to be a dedicated, or even good, place for moules-frites in Singapore. Back when I travelled around Europe for abit, one of my fondest memories were of running on Bruges' cobblestone roads, utterly drenched from the crazy rain and cussing at my useless overturn...

July 19, 2018

I have this thing: before writing about the spaces I've been to, I'll do a quick Google to see what others think and have written about the space — y'know to make sure I don't get my facts all wrong and that. Top headliners of Five Oars all had the words "Aussie", "Melbourne-inspired" and the likes in them, which was kind of tell-tale yet annoying...

August 6, 2017

I must admit that the whole concept of a soup-curry was quite the paradox for me. Sure, both are warm, comforting, hearty, reminds me of home. Both are meant to be enjoyed with a side of starch, and usually come with a myriad of other accompanying ingredients. But one's meant to be drank right from a spoon, and could simply be a meal on its own wit...

January 14, 2016

Since Project Açai first opened its doors a year back, more establishments have included açai smoothie bowls in their menu as a healthier dining option. The superfruit's no stranger to most, prized for its high levels of antioxidants with purported weight-loss and anti-aging benefits. That, and it's pretty delicious, seems to be what's helping it c...

January 4, 2016

Bring up Thai cuisine, and most Singaporeans share both a love for and the common perception that it is cheap. Not simply affordable, but cheap. Perhaps influenced by stalls along the streets of Bangkok, or the hawker-priced Thai-operated restaurants in Singapore, the popular belief is good authentic Thai food is not - and should not - be anywhere...

October 12, 2015

FYR Cycene Ond Drinc (pronounced Fire Kitchen and Drink) has gained a loyal following since its opening, winning the hearts of many with its fabulous selection of Josper-fired grills. 6 months later, this bustling restaurant is launching a brand-new menu comprising 17 new dishes. 


Keeping in line with FYR's concept, the new items wil...

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