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August 11, 2015

We first heard about D'ARK for its coffee. It's not as high profile as other good coffee joints in Bangkok - such as Roots, Roast, or Casa Lapin - and we only found out about it through browsing our Instagram feed; but it's definitely nowhere inferior. In fact it's possibly better, cause less social media buzz means less hubbub and a more relaxed e...

July 22, 2015

The signature restaurant and bar of French luxury hotel Sofitel So Singapore, located on the ground floor of the beautifully iconic 35 Robinson Road building, is Xperience Restaurant & Bar. Barely a 10 minute walk from Raffles Place MRT, it's easily accessible - and very affordable given the superb quality. 


As suggested by its name, Xper...

July 5, 2015

After a year or so of anticipation, Bread Street Kitchen finally opened its doors to much hype and excitement – as well as a long list of advanced reservations. It didn’t need much vigorous marketing or PR efforts; cause let’s face it, Gordon Ramsay is the pulling force. The celebrity chef and boisterous TV personality needs no introduction especia...

June 9, 2015

At the corner of Beach Road and Tan Quee Lan St, on the ground floor of the Marrison Hotel, sits the small and cozy fusion establishment Gastrosmiths. It's not easily spotted if one's not looking out for it; but that's no problem for the peeps at Gastrosmiths.


I remember Gastrosmiths back when they were still The Humble Loaf at...

May 27, 2015

Smack at the furthest end of Upper Bukit Timah Road, Rise & Grind Coffee Co. is the newest member to join the foodie club at Bukit Timah Plaza. It sits on the ouside of the mall where sunshine can easily permeate, creating that al-fresco vibe that's very befitting of the casual café. It may be really young and out of the way, but that's no stopper...

May 1, 2015

Wind the clock 5-6 years back, Singapore's café scene was still, quiet, and not nearly as in as it is now. Then major players and trendsetters were places like é PS. Café, Wild Honey, Rider's Café, and not House at Dempsey. While newer spots are definitely kept top of mind, there must be something about older cafés like these that keeps the crowd r...

April 13, 2015

With the plethora of cafés sprouting in every nook and cranny of this teeny island, town is no longer the hipster hub filled with novel eateries. Most are starting to find it over-priced, unimpressive, even boring.


Though I think reliable would be the more appropriate word.


While the food isn't all new, innovative and instagramable, most...

April 12, 2015

I don't often make a second visit to any restaurant within a month, unless it's mindblowingly amazing, or downright disgusting. Artistry would belong to the latter. Our first visit was less than pleasant, with horrible sauce-drenched sliders and one of the worst cockatils we've tried. Since we did not manage to try what Artistry was famous for, we...

April 10, 2015

I've always loved a good French boulangerie; especially after my 1-month stay in France. So imagine my excitement hearing that there's one popping up right in the east.


Sporting a really interesting name, "Do.Main" is a combination of two words: "dough", and "main" which is French for "hands". It is a venture by 2 Frenchmen Frédéric Deshayes and Ch...

April 9, 2015


One of the newer cafés in the East, The Laneway Market has been making social media headlines for its Dashi Risotto. Its name is derived from the location of the eatery, as being situated in a laneway. Quite interesting actually - and it's not just the name.



A full-fledged café serving casual breakfast and dinner mains, TLM offers the usual brunc...

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