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Flor Patisserie

Singaporean foodies have been singing praises about this patisserie for quite some time. Given my interest in food and my increasingly sweetening tooth (does that sound grammatical?), I am naturally excited about trying out some of the desserts from Flor Patisserie! But as usual busy busy me never could find the time to visit Flor.

All good things come to those who wait.

Ok that’s not very applicable here but anyway I was around Chinatown yesterday, and I thought hey, Duxton hill should be somewhere around the corner! So I whipped out my phone, clicked on the map app on my BB (I’M ANTI-APPLE), and started walking around with my face shoved in my phone like some noob tourist. Singapore being small is no excuse for me to know every little corner of it!

Walking around like this for over an hour, I managed to hunt down a total of 4 patisseries! EXCITES. I found Flor, Bonheur Patisserie, Kki Cafe and the Litte Drumstore, and The Patissier. Did I stop to eat at all these places? Nah of course I didn’t!! But I wanted to. It was a close fight between rationality and my tummy.



There were so many delicious and absolutely enticing sweets there I had a hard time deciding! I swear the lady was so pissed at me for staring at the cake displays for like 10 minutes before finally making my decision. The cakes looked so wonderful, I went crazy with my camera! Eating alone probably contributed to massive amounts of photos too. Finally I could snap away without any pressure! So anyway this’ll be more of a pictorial since I have so many awesome photos I simply can’t resist posting them.


The Vert - a layer of green tea sponge base, followed by vanilla cream, fragrant green tea mousse, covered by a thin layer of cold, green tea jelly, and finally adorned with sweetened Japanese chestnuts

Yesyes matcha fanatic all the way, I ordered two matcha sweets: The Vert and a Green Tea Yuzu Ice Cheese Tart.


The Vert was very near perfect. Tasting the cake layer by layer, I was most impressed by the matcha sponge and mousse because the matcha flavour was extremely pronounced. It was like Hokkaido matcha ice cream in sponge and mousse form! The matcha taste was intense, yet not overly bitter. Chef Yamashita definitely nailed the delicate balance between retaining the fragrance and bitterness of the tea, yet allowing a subtle sweetness to come through. Amazing.


I didn’t like the jelly though. Both the jelly adorning the cake and the topmost layer of green tea jelly were the ones that kept The Vert from claiming perfection. I liked the idea of adding a gelatinous texture as a contrast to the otherwise soft and light cake, however the jelly didn’t taste so good. The green tea jelly tasted like solidified cold green tea, like those from Japanese restaurants, while the adorning ones tasted so plain and…unimpressive I wished they had just omitted it. Maybe replacing them with a few chocolate pearls would be a much better option. In the end I removed the green tea jelly and left if by the side.


I looooooved the chestnuts though. A stroke of genius.


This baby here was just pure pliss. Intense matcha flavour, accompanied by a light tang and sweetness of cheese, ahhhhh *melts* Trust me this is a must try. Once again, Chef Yamashita’s idea of freezing it is so unique and bold it is what sets this tart way apart from other good cheese tarts, raising the standard that much higher.


The only missing thing here was the yuzu. Search as I may I couldn’t detect any hint of yuzu here. But of course this doesn’t make the tart any less delicious.

Pictures speak a thousand words. I don’t think I need to say much to convince you to try this beautiful tart. Of course, if you’re not a die-hard matcha fan like me, there are 6 other inventive and impressive flavours for you to try out, a few being Chocolate Orange, Maple, and Blueberry.


So what are you waiting for? No really, what are you waiting for?

Flor Patisserie Duxton Hill #01-01, 2 Duxton Hill Singapore 089588 6223 8628

Business hours: Monday to Saturday: 11am- 7pm Sunday (Public Holidays): 11am- 6pm

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