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The Market Grill

Working may not be most enjoyable, but with all the wonderful eateries located around the CBD I dare say it probably isn't that dire a circumstance after all. One of the few places that always seem to be packed full is The Market Grill. Located along Telok Ayer Street, The Market Grill boasts a delightfu menu of of steaks, burgers, cold cuts, and lobster - a pretty good way to brighten up any day.


Charcuterie Connoisseur Board ($28++) - An assortment of specialty spiced and dry-cured meats served with sourdough bread. Meats include Rosete Superieure Saucisson, Chorizo Iberico, Duck Rillette, Pate Forestier, and Veal Lyoner


Few of their specials that day: prawn bisque and a mozzarella beetroot salad

There were a few that stand out in their substantial list of starters, but nothing worth shouting about. Rather, what was most intriguing was the list of burgers dubbed "CW Signature Burgers". Short for Colin West, The Market Grill's CW burgers are original recipes specially crafter by their Executive Chef who has previously worked at Les Amis, Le Saint Julien, Braise, and Swiss Grill. With a history in some amazing restaurants specialising in grills, it comes as no surprise that The Market Grill puts so much emphasis on meats and grills. That of course raises the expectations.


CW Bleu Cheese 200g ($33++) - Salty bleu chese, sweet burnt onion marmalade and bacon atop a single beef patty

Always on the hunt for good burgers, the CW Bleu Cheese is probably one of the best I've had. Well seasoned hand-formed patty, bacon, caramelised onion spread, crisp romaine lettuce - I can't think of many other boxes in my Best Burger list to check off. The crumbled bleu cheese gave the burger an earthy nuttiness that was very refreshing. Originally paired with a walnut raisin bun, I swapped mine for a sesame seed one because raisins aren't my favourite fruit. Raisins or not, the buns were soft, fluffy, and lightly toasted. Simply delicious.


Rack of Lamb ($45++) - Dry-rubbed with their house spice blend and chargrilled, served with

roasted seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes and lamb jus

One of the few important things in any grilled meats is that visually beautiful sear and char, of which The Market Grill has definitely nailed. The lamb was perfectly seasoned and cooked to my preference; my only qualm being the layer of fat that wasn't seared nor rendered well.


Whole Lobster ($45) - Served with butter lightly infused with garlic, a hint of lemon, salad

and mashed potatoes

500g of live atlantic lobsters, freshly grilled upon order, makes for a wonderfully sumptious dinner. There's something just so satisfying about stuffing chunks of plump lobster flesh into my mouth. I don't usually have high expectations of mash, but The Market Grill's accompanying mash was utterly delicious. Fluffy and buttery, it was a great side to the sweet lobster.

A full fledged grill hiding inside an industrial-chic diner, The Market Grill has made a lasting impression with its lobster and great burgers. Thing is, they don't take reservations. And to stand in line on a weekday evening with a bunch of tired and hangry office goers isn't my favourite sport. They make damnably good burgers though; and for that I think I'd make the occasional trip down.

The Market Grill

208 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068642

6221 3323 (No reservations)

Mondays to Saturdays: 11.30am-2.30pm; 6pm-10pm

Closed on Sundays

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