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After an 8-month hiatus, Kki is finally back to whipping up delicious delicate cakes. Relocated to the 2nd floor of SOTA, the new site now houses Kki Sweets and Kki House which sell adorable and minimalistic homeware; and of course not forgetting the wonderfully quirky adjacent Little Drom Store.



The Little Drom Store


Dominated by whites and woods, the decor stuck closely to a minimalistic Japanese theme, reflecting the ideas behind their bakes. Here it becomes the perfect place to hide from the hustle and bustle of our urbanised city centre. A dainty little cake and a cuppa tea in your hands, it almost seems to fairytale.


Glass and porcelain homeware dot the shop, making appearances as your tea or coffee cup, similarly reflecting the Japanese minimalism that underlines Kki. Kki House may be a new extension of the Kki family, but the beauty of their products are no where second to their sweets - nor any homeware shop for that matter. I do foresee myself spending a large fortune here. All for the good of my new (imaginary) home.


With so few patisseries in Singapore to begin with, Kki's temporary absence made me crave their cakes all the more. And so in their 2 months of operation I visited no less than 10 times, with the most being thrice in a day. Silver lining there is I got to try almost all of their cakes, at the expense of my waistline.


Café Dumo ($9.80+) - Milk chocolate and coffee mousse

A crunchy cocoa-dusted sphere gives way to a light and delicate coffee mousse, layered with textures of sponge, praline, and their signature soft center. This is one of my favourites by Kki. In every bite, the caffeine hits first with an aromatic bitterness, slowly edged off by creamy milk chocolate. A great example of how simple and classic flavours can be elevated into such a wonderful entremet through perfectly executed techniques.


Maple Soufflé ($8.80+) - maple cheesecake

One of their new creations, the Maple Soufflé tastes exactly like what super fluffly pancakes drizzled with decadent maple syrup in the morning would taste like. The balance between maple and cheesecake was perfect - both were distinguishable and flavourful without being overwhelming. It was moist yet airy at the same time. An absolute delight.


Ananas ($9.80+) - pineapple mousse on almond tart base

Literally a deconstructed pineapple tart, Kki's rendition of La Tarte Ananas (also a new creation) is bold, interesting, and probably an acquired taste. The pineapple mousse while lightly scented, had a fairly strong basil infusion that lingered. I liked the concept behind Onigiri, but 2 basil desserts in their menu may be a tad too much. The basil was a little overwhelming in this dessert. Pineapple and basil just didn't work for me.

Having the thickest base out of all Kki's cakes, the Ananas' base was a little disappointing. It was very crunchy, to the point of being slightly hard, and had a slightly burnt taste. It did not have that buttery fragrance, and just kinda stuck out. It did help to cut through the strong notes of basil to make it a little more bearable.


Clockwise from the top left: Onigiri ($9+), Antoinette ($8.80+), Fromage Melon ($8.80+), Tiramisu ($9.80)

All old-timers, these cakes stood the test of time (and reviews) and remain popular in the new store. White chocolate mousse encasing a soft mango purée with a sponge base, the Antoinette is always one of the must-tries. The mousse is not overly sweet, and is actually really really pleasant. The Fromage Melon, a cheese mousse with rock melon, is fairly decent. I wasn't a fan of the melon coulis, but the airy-light cheese mousse stole my heart. Using an even lighter mascarpone mousse in place of the usual mascarpone, the Tiramisu was too creamy for my liking.


Onigiri ($9+) - basil milk chocolate mousse with blood orange

Kki made their first bold move pairing basil with chocolate once upon a time; but it paid off. Uncommon in itself, but accentuated by the addition of a bitter blood orange purée. It may not fly with everyone, but I like it. It's interesting, the basil is detectable but not overwhelming, and the blood orange purée keeps it from being too sweet or herby. I'd gladly pay the $9 odds for this.


L.R.R.H. ($9.80+) - dark chocolate mousse with raspberry

Dark chocolate mousse, with a raspberry center and a chocolate crunch base, this is my alternative to Antoinette's Antoinette when I want something lighter and less sweet. Yet anoter classic executed with great techniques. The dehydrated raspberry decorating the cake is a delightful change from the older version with a fresh raspberry. One of my favourites by Kki thus far.

While Kki's cakes may be pricier than your average dessert or even entremet, the quality is definitely well worth the buck. Intricate cakes made with love and dedication, great service and warm staff, beautiful homeware - despite the many emerging cake shops, Kki remains the best and my favourite of all.

Kki + Kki Home 1 Zubir Said Drive

#02-01 School of the Arts SOTA

Singapore 227968 6225 6650 Tuesdays to Sundays: 12pm – 8pm

Closed on Mondays

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