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MCM x Stefan Strumbel Limited Ed Collection

Officially introduced weeks ago on their blog, the collaboration debut between MCM and Stefan Strumbel has finally been brought to the stores in Singapore. A German pop-artist internationally recognized for his graffiti and provocative street art, the collaboration with Strumbel got me super excited when word of it came about.


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Strumbel's passion for graffiti and murals at the age of 14 saw the start of his love for pop art. Indeed his most notable works - on the German cultural artefact: the cuckoo clock - are distinctively characterized by their bold colours and hyper-exaggerated form content. Dealing with controversial motifs that explore concepts like violence and death, such bold colours help to mask its dark nature and place it in the highly appreciated genre of pop art.


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Both of German roots and leaders in pop culture, it thus comes as no surprise that the leading German-based luxury brand decided on this collaboration with Strumbel. Here Strumbel brings his characteristic cuckoo clock graffiti to 14 MCM's bags and accessories, each design limited to 300 pieces worldwide.


To be really honest I wasn't too impressed looking at their invite. Strumbel's design looked flat, printed, or at most ironed on. And the whole thing looked too cartoonish, lacking any of that street style MCM is famed for.

It was lucky I still decided to attend, because the actual bags looked stunning. Strumbel's design was in fact 3-dimensional, adding an extra layer and texture onto the bag. The colours were vibrant, bold, eye-catching, and really quite jarring. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing MCM bag on the road (definitely not like the jaw-droppingly beautiful classics), but what is pop art if not different and against the norm? Anything but #toomainstream.


Absolutely loved this two-toned beauty. Priced at SGD2,700 it's far from being affordable; but they got me at limited. Anything limited screams "buy".


We ended up getting the Stefan Strumbel X MCM Limited Ed. Extra Mini Stark Backpack. With 2 straps coming with the bag, it can be carried 4 ways: as a backpack, as a side sling, slinged on one arm, or strapped along with your belt as a pouch. The belt idea sounds odd, so no to that; but everything else sounds brilliant.

Can't wait to take it out!

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