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Jacob's Cafe

Yours to rediscover.

Aptly described, and - if I may say - spot on tagline. Indeed, who would've thought that this quaint little cafe in Changi Village could whip up such amazingly rustic and hearty food? Jacob's Cafe prides itself on home-style country cooking that is simple, traditional, yet absolutely delicious. In a dining culture that focuses so much on creativity and uniqueness, we sometimes forget that the simplest dishes executed perfectly can help one stand out.


Lavazza Coffee ($4.50)

Upon being seated, we were quickly greeted by the boss Mr. Lim who very cheerfully came to take our orders. Now imagine that, having the humble boss himself serving our table.

The coffee came highly recommended, with Mr. Lim very enthusiastically sharing how it is the best-selling brand of coffee in Italy. Bold in flavour yet light on the palate, the coffee had a perfect balance between acidity and creaminess. The crema lent to a surprising level of creaminess that really made this coffee stand out from most. An absolute delight.


Oxtail Stew ($26.90)

Thick and aromatic gravy, chunks of root vegetables, juicy and tender meat that simply falls off the bone - this is probably the best stew I've ever had in any restaurant. With spot-on seasonings and an amazing gravy, Jacob's nailed this stew. No tricks and gimmicks; just plain old hearty stew.


Accompanying slices of baguette

What is even more impressive is the attention Jacob's pay to the smallest details - here, the accompanying baguette. Regardless of how packed they are, they never fail to make sure your bread is hot and crisp. Even big established restaurants don't always ensure they serve good bread, much less smaller cafes. Hot, crisp, and pillowy on the inside, Jacob's made their baguettes the best possible side to any stew.


German Pork Knuckle ($43.90)

Crisp crackling, a sinful layer of greasy fat, and tender meat - this is the best pork knuckle I've ever had, even after my visit to Germany. Most pork knuckles I've tried in Bavaria had a crackling that hardened up within 5 minutes of arriving. German restaurants in Singpore like Brotzeit or Marché fare better, but are uncomparable to Jacob's. A perfect crackling that stayed crispy throughout the meal, their pork knuckles are wonderfully seasoned and most importantly freshly baked per order. The accompanying sauerkraut is slightly sweet and less sour than the average ones, thus much more appetizing to the local palate.

They may not have the largest, most fanciful menu, but what they do offer Jacob's has perfected. Having been operating for 14 years in such an inaccessible location is a testament to their food. There's just something about all that rustic hearty food, and the kind attentive staff that makes you feel very welcomed and very much at ease. Amidst all the hipster cafés and fine dining restaurants, sometimes all we need is such simple, fuss-free, homecooked food.

Jacob's Cafe

Blk 5 Changi Village Road #01-2049

Singapore 500005

6542 7500/6543 1106

Mondays to Saturdays: 9am-11.30pm

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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