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Common Man Coffee Roasters

Any joint partnership between Harry Grover of 40 Hands (who started that indie cafe wave in Singapore since 3 years ago), Australia’s Five Senses Coffee, and The Spa Spirit Group sounds like a recipe for success - and that's exactly what Common Man Coffee Roasters is. It's been on my 'to-try list' for the past 2 years, yet for some reason I never visited. I'd like to say my dog ate the list but I don't have one; and so away with my excuses, I finally made the trip.


I'm a student, technically unemployed, so I think I qualify for a coffee and doughnut?

Wood's the recent in-thing of interior design, so it's no surprise to see Common Man featuring mostly warm woods and shades of bronze in their decor. As cliché‎ as the decor may be, it undoubtedly oozes warmth and welcome.


Filter Coffee: Trinidad ($6++)

That Common Man's coffee is great is well established, with restaurants like Wild Honey carrying their products. Their coffee menu boasts a wide selection of the usual coffees, and a variety of filtered coffees whose selection differs. I had the Trinidad, which true to its description was both floral and creamy, with a slight sweetness that made it very pleasant to the palette. A wonderful start to any meal.


Grilled juicy "chilli" boneless chicken with crushed avocado salsa & caramelised onion ($25++)

Tender. succulent chicken breast, lightly spiced with dried chillies, and finished with a squeeze of lemon. Simple, healthy, and absolutely delicious.


Common Man Veggie Wonderland ($25++) - Two free-range organic eggs in any style, halloumi, spinach, grilled tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, avocado, lemon & chilli, with artisanal sourdough or pepita toast

Perfectly done eggs, great toast, amazing sides. It's your every day breakfast set made healthy. It looks simple, but often the simplest foods done well are the most delicious ones. Given the price, the portobello shroom and halloumi could've been a slightly bigger portion though.


Look at how that yolk oozes!

Superb coffee, beautiful ambience, stunning food - there's simply nothing bad to say about what we've had at Common Man's. Every dish is deceivingly simple, but elevated with great execution, spices, and the absurd simplicity of it. The only wee quib I had was the price: I could get an amazing breakfast set at Ronin for half the price. So yes the food is amazeballs, but is it worth the price?

Maybe not all the time; but if I ever needed a special treat Common Man is top of my list.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

22 Martin Road #01-00

Singapore 239058

Opens daily from 8am-7pm

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