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I love good food; proper food. Well thought out and skillfully executed. Because of that I've grown to dislike coffee shop's Western food stalls that dishes out frozen meats cooked in copius amounts of oil and further served with processed sauces and sides.

So it comes as no surprise that I have not tried, or even heard of, Tenderfresh and it's numerous branches. And I wouldn't have if my boyfried didn't take me there, saying that they serve the "best BBQ chicken I'd ever have in my life".


Chicken Chop ($5.50) - prepared with Worcestershire Sauce served with coleslaw, garlic bread or bun and baked beans

Sauce and sides were nothing to scream about, but what impressed me was that char on the chicken. Even proper grill restaurants don't always have good grilled meats, and Tenderbest managed to grill their chicken to perfection. The meat may be frozen, but the skills of those behind that hot grill is not to be put aside.


Whole BBQ Chicken ($9.80) - served with a side of fries

But this was what we came for. And this, was the best BBQ chicken I've ever had in my life. Skin roasted to an absolute crisp, with the meat miraculously tender, succulent, and juicy, the BBQ chicken made for the best chicken I've had in ages. The sauce was slightly sweet, very much alike the BBQ sauce we'd have on our char siew. It was the perfect cross between char siew and roasted chicken. And for the price, it was mad worth it.

Prior to Tenderbest I haven't had such coffee shop Western food in at least 7 years. Within 2 weeks of Tenderbest I've visited them 5 times. If that still isn't convincing enough, you'd have to try it.



Blk 824 Tampines St 81


Singapore 520824

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