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(Working Title)

Located in the hipster vicinity of Haji Lane is yet another hipster café, curiously named (Working Title) - with the brackets too. Housed beneath a backpacker's hostel, (Working Title)'s interior is interestingly furnished with an erratic collection of items from around the world. Rusted metal car plates, old American posters, and an array of mismatched chairs, it fits right in with the vibes of Haji Lane.


(Working Title)'s been featured in several blogs and niche café lists for its rustic decor and desserts. It's known for carrying a wide array of great desserts from other F&B establishments, most notably Windowsill's amazing pies, thus making it an ideal spot for cake and a cuppa tea after an afternoon's shopping.

Sadly that seems to be the only things remotely good at (Working Title). Much less could be said about their mains which are prepared in-house.


Long Black ($5); Chocolate Banarama (S$7) - banana, fresh milk, chunky peanut butter, cocoa powder, vanilla

We were there one Saturday afternoon, hoping to grab a simple but decent lunch before attending an event nearby. The coffee was shockingly horrible, managing to be both diluted and exceedingly acidic. The smoothie was equally diluted and no better. A homemade one would've been tons tastier and half the price.


Fit Bird (S$14.90) - double chicken patties, mesclun, mushrooms, cheddar cheese & creamy italian dressing in a toasted sesame bun served with classic fries

While great burgers weren't expected, (Working Title)'s fell way below the mark. Frying up frozen supermarket chicken patties, slapping on a slice of processed Kraft cheese, then passing it off as a S$15 burger was what happened. It was essentially a marked-up McChicken burger. Honestly I would've been much happier getting the McChicken at a third of the price - at least I'm getting what I paid for.


Double Trouble American (S$15.90) - double beef patties, mesclun, tomatoes, onions & cheddar cheese in a toasted sesame bun served with classic fries

The beef was no better. Featuring the same processed frozen patties, it'd suffice to say once again that Mcdonald's would have fared better.

It thus comes as a surprise to see (Working Title) receiving several favourable reviews on social media. Maybe we were just unlucky and got a batch of horribly prepared food and drinks; but if that quality of food could leave the kitchen even just once, I'm not sure it's a place I'd bother with again.

(Working Title)

48 Arab Street

Singapore 199745

6298 8721

Mondays to Thursdays, & Sundays: 10am-10pm

Fridays & Saturdays: 10am-12am

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