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Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe

A local businessman's love for all things Thai, from culture to food, saw the creation of one of the most authentic Thai restaurants in Singapore. It started when engineer-turned-restauranteur Ron Poh was seeking such genuine Thai food, and decided instead to provide it and share his passion. From using charcoal to maintain heat consistency, importing tea leaves from Thailand, to desserts made from scratch - every dish is prepared with the most passion and promise of quality.

Located within an industrial location at Aljunied, it's not the easiest place to find unless one's actively keeping an eye out. We were there for a late lunch, and were surprised by how packed it was for 3pm. Here Spicy Thai-Thai proved super efficient, dishing up only 10-15 minutes after our orders were placed.

There are a lot of dishes on the menu, most of them variations of a particular ingredient or sauce; so take your time to look through the menu before ordering.

As per typical Thai meals, we tried the Thai Iced Milk Tea (S$2). While pleasant, it was a little too light and tasted diluted compared to its deliciously sweet and silky peers. The Thai Coconut (S$4) was reasonably priced and really sweet; a great thirst quencher.

Prawn Cake (S$2/piece) - minimum order of 2 pieces

Their Prawn Cakes are a great way to start the meal. Crispy, moist, and stuffed full of prawn paste, these little bites are amazing eaten with the accompanying sweet chili sauce.

Water Fried Egg (S$12) - with Thai-style crispy sun-dried fish

Spicy Thai-Thai's pretty known for its Dill Pattie (Cha Om) Omelette (S$8) that's generously packed with lashings of the herb. I personally prefer the healthier option of Water Fried Eggs which, though simple, taste amazing with the slices of garlic, sweet onions, and salty white bait.

Chili Kang Kong (S$8)

Unlike the usual Chinese kang kong belachan, the Thai rendition sees the stemmy veggies fried with a clear and spicy sauce. While delicious, the many impressive dishes pushes this to the sidelines. I would suggest saving tummy space for the other interesting dishes.

BBQ Pork Neck (S$10)

Lean, yet tender, succulent, and juicy, this was my favourite of the sides ordered. The fairly generous slices of pork were slathered with a smoky sweet sauce; then grilled to perfection, sporting a beautiful char. Piled to a heap the portion's pretty big for S$10, and is very much worth the buck - definitely a must-order.

Green Curry (S$8) - with chicken

This, we absolutely adored. A light and fragrant curry, Spicy Thai-Thai's rendition was bursting with the flavours of fresh herbs and spices. The Thai basil, instead of merely lingering at the back, stood out in the forefront and was the star of this dish. Unlike most green curries, this was packed to the brim with chicken and stewed vegetables. An utter delight!

Red Coconut Tom Yum Soup in Claypot (S$18)

Aside from the claypot, this dish differs from the norm in its heavy use of coconut. Coconut milk is added to the tom yum soup, cutting through the sour acidity and lending a silky, creamy finish. Pieces of shredded coconut flesh is also cooked in the soup for that sweet, textural contrast. It's definitely one of the best and most interesting tom yum soups I've tried.

Lala Bee Hoon (S$18)

Nailing that delicate balance between the briny clams and flavourful broth is this amazing fried bee hoon. The noodles were silky smooth, soaking up all that stunning smokey broth. This is the epitome of a rustic dish executed with such grace and perfection.

Hommok (S$16)

Essentially a Thai otah, this is filled with chunks of seafoods and shredded coconut flesh in a tasty spiced fish paste. The mousse-like texture is different from the local otah we're used to. Together with the generous amounts of seafoods and having it served in a coconut, it makes for an interesting and delicious side dish.

Thai Red Ruby (S$3.50)

For desserts, Spicy Thai-Thai offers a good selection from the usual mango sticky rice, to the more interesting Lemongrass jelly with aloe vera cubes and calamansi (S$2.50) and Tapioca in coconut milk (S$3.50).

We tried the Red Ruby and the Mango Sticky Rice (S$6), both of which disappointed after the spectacular savouries. The former came with chunks of ice cubes, lots of water instead of coconut milk, and had the red rubies stuck together in a lump. The latter came with wonderfully sweet mangoes, but had a sourish glutinous rice.

Desserts aside, Spicy Thai-Thai's served the best Thai food I've had outside of Nakhon Kitchen. They perfected the basics, and offer other innovative dishes most Thai restaurants don't carry. If authentic and reasonably priced Thai food's your thing, Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe's definitely one place to check out.

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe

115 Aljunied Avenue 2


Singapore 380115

6747 8558

Opens daily from 11am-12am

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