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Concetto by Saveur

I don't usually write about the same F&B establishment twice in such a short time (see previous post here), but this second visit to Concetto made me feel like it warranted more. While the inconsistency especially in expectations still annoy me, I had a few amazing dishes that are worth writing about.


Concetto Pasta ($6.90++) - chilled capellini tossed in lobster oil and seaweed; served with crab and shrimp tartare, finished with lobster foam and ikura

Saveur fans would recognize this in a heartbeat. Probably their most raved about appetizer - or even pasta - this dish is packed full with umami while managing to remain light on the palate. Pasta was cooked and seasoned perfectly, seafood was surprisingly fresh and sweet, and the fancy but absolutely delightful foam brought this amazing dish together. It's so simple, yet there's so much complexity in flavours. For that price I'd gladly have 10 portions of this.


Beef Oyster Blade ($15.90++) - beed shoulder blade; cooked for 36 hours; served with burnt onion, seasonal vegetables and fork mashed potatoes

The wonderfully cooked beef, wholegrain mustard, and carrot puree makes a surprisingly yummy pairing. Simple but good, this definitely sums up the Saveur Group's food philosophy. If I had any beef about it at all (pun intended) it's that the mustard was a little too overwhelming. They were a little heavy handed with it, and people who doesn't fancy mustard would probably be really turned of by this.

I was quite confused, though pleasantly, when this dish arrived. Looking at my earlier post you'd notice that the beef looked really grey and unappetizing. Much like canned food. This however looked like real, legit meat. And while the descriptions remain the same, the components of both dishes look vastly different. Where's the potatoes and onion in this? While this was definitely the better dish, the inconsistency bothers me.


Red Snapper ($13.90++) - pan-seared red snapper fillet; served with pan-roasted cherry tomatoes, mashed cod & lemon-infused paprika jus

Once again the snapper proved to be amazing. Perfectly cooked fish, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside, with a wonderful accompanying jus. Yet this dish reflected the same inconsistency as the beef: this rendition had no tomatoes (despite the description), and had so little sauce I'd swear it was simply drizzled over. When I asked to replace my mashed cod with other vegetables, I got mushrooms this time. I'm not complaining cause mushrooms are lovely, and the dish is still stunning; but I cannot stand inconsistency. Because that suggests there's a possibility of not simply inconsistent ingredients, but quality; and I cannot stand for that. Also I would generally expect to get the dish described on my menu. That it turns out so different really bothers me.


Pistachio Panna Cotta ($6.90++) - pistachio-flavoured cooked cream served with pistachio crumble and salted pistachio

The panna cotta was pretty decent in flavour and texture, but the amount definitely did not warrant the pricetag. Since the crumble and salted pistachios were pretty lacklustre and did nothing for the dessert, I'd rather Concetto gave me only and more of the panna cotta.


Apple & Yoghurt ($6.90++) - apple 3 ways, (caramelised, white wine compressed, sliced), served with lemon curd, hazelnut dacquoise, and yogurt sorbet

This for me was the biggest surprise of the day. Different textures of apple, together with the tart curd and creamy yogurt sorbet made for an excellent amalgamation. Every bite was a burst of textures and flavours. The techniques and ideas behind this dessert is amazing and I'm really glad Concetto's giving me this for $6.90! Definitely a must order on my future visits.


Dark Chocolate Tart ($9.90++) - Valrhona dark chocolate tart served with caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream and hazelnut

Chocolate is usually quite an idiot proof choice for dessert. Concetto's plated chocolate dessert wasn't too bad, with a good bittersweet chocolate tart filling and decent ice cream. The tart shell however was a tad too hard, and the brownies were overly dry and hard. Especially when consumed after that amazeballs apple dessert, this was sorely lacking.

As per previously Concetto's had both hits and misses, which for its pricetag I'm not complaining (much) about. Still, a good restaurant has to ensure consistency in its quality, produce, and ingredients. Yes seasonal ingredients can be used, but please state them in the menu and not switch things around at your fancy. I would absolutely love to eat the food that I've actually read on the menu.

Concetto by Saveur

The Cathay

2 Handy Road


Singapore 229233

6735 1141

Opens daily: 12.00pm - 9.30pm daily

(Last orders are at 9.15pm)

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