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There are more than a few cafés around now that boasts items for sale within their dining area. Artistry's probably the few pioneers of this trend. Located near Kampong Glam, Artistry is an art gallery and a café, both nestled in a shophouse. Its dedication to art spreads far beyond displaying paintings for sale - they have hosted debut exhibitions, performances, talks, and events of emerging artists. In fact the first word of them came from a friend who attends their frequent poetry gatherings.

Of course art aside, food is still very much the priority. Shot to fame in the café scene by a few amazing dishes like its PB & J French Toast and Duck Confit Aglio Olio, Artistry has gained quite the foodie following.


I finally made my first trip down one late afternoon, unfortunately missing their lunch menu. What was available for grabs were an array of sliders, belgian waffles, and some bar bites. Far from perfect, but I guess their sliders should be a tad representative of their much raved burgers no?


Long Black (S$4++)

Serving locally roasted Liberty Coffee makes for a decent cuppa at Artistry. The coffee was fruity and less bold than most, making it more palatable. Better than most, but I'd head to Ronin if I wanted the best. What stole my attention was the beautiful hand-crafted saucer it was served on.


Rum Chendol cocktail (S$15++) - black and white rum, coconut milk, gula melaka syrup, and red beans

It's always interesting to see how local cultures and flavours are interpreted in food. Promising flavours reminiscent to a local favourite, this cocktail caught our eye. Regrettably it looked tons better than it tasted. The proportion of alcohol to the other ingredients was disproportionate - as evident from the picture, with the rum being on top - resulting in an overly-potent drink that tasted more like plain old alcohol. Great if a hard drink was what we ordered; horrible if a delicious cocktail's expected.


Mixed Sliders (S$15++) - Choice of 3 sliders from the menu: Blue Swimmer Crab, Lamb Tzatziki, and BBQ Pulled Pork (left to right)

We had a lot of mixed feelings about these. There were undoubtedly the worst sliders we've tasted. Not because the bread was bad or the patties were horrible; but because of the disgustingly copius sauces they were drowned in. The patties were all very moist and flavourful, and the buns were soft, fluffy and well toasted. I've not had sliders that boast such great buns and patties becausse of their size, so Artistry's nailed those hands down. They would've been the best if they weren't that heavy-handed with the mayonnaise. Every slider came with globs of processed Heinz mayo that was overwhelming if not disgusting. Seeing that each slider comes with its own sauce, the mayo not only caused a clash in flavours, but ended up making the sliders too wet.


If all I'm tasting is the mayo, it's not anywhere near the price I've paid.

Given the majorly positive reviews Artistry's been getting, mayo should not be the cause of its downfall. I would return, only to try the lunch and brunch items I've been hearing about. But never ever again would I trust their cocktails or sliders.


17 Jalan Pinang Singapore 199149 6298 2420

Tuesdays to Saturdays: 10am-11.30pm Sundays: 10am-7pm Closed on Mondays

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