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Carvers & Co

A Carvery-Bistro, Carvers & Co are most known for their meats and roasts. Reminiscient of Britain's Sunday Roasts, Carvers follows the concept of communal dining, where people bond over sharing huge slabs of meat. With weekly featured roasts, Carvers makes a mighty fine addition to the dining scene in the East.

What many don't know, is that Carvers also dishes up a great brunch.


With only 9 items on their brunch menu, 3 being starters, they run out pretty quick so time is of the essence. We got there later than I'd like, and they were out of their Steak Sandwich and Steak with Eggs and Hash that I so wanted to try. Guess that settles venue for brunch next weekend.


Flat White (S$5+) and Long Black (S$4+)

Their coffee was bold, fruity, and very palatable. A great way to pique the appetite, and an absolute surprise.


Truffle Chippies (S$9+) - with shaved parmesan

Fried to a perfect crisp, generously sprinkled with parmesan, and doused in fragrant truffle oil, Carvers dished up one of the best truffle fries I've had. Well seasoned with just the right amount of truffle, it makes for a great side to anything you'd have.


Sweet Potato Chips (S$9+) - served with salted egg mayo

The idea of a salted egg mayo was very very interesting; unfortunately mayo is a major no-no for me, so I opted out on the savoury dip. The chips on their own were perfectly crisped and topped with lots of cinnamon, adding to the overall sweetness. Since I skipped on the mayo, some salt would have been much appreciated.


Bacon Chips (S$8+) - Paprika-candied bacon

Sounds funky, but this was the best of what we had. Super crispy, caramelised and spiced bacon. The paprika highlighted the smokiness of the bacon, which was very well balanced with the caramelised sugar. Bacon heaven in every bite. A definite must-try.


Carvers Breakfast (S$18+) - Scrambled eggs on toast, gammon ham, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, meslun

A fair breakfast spread at its price point. Carvers was very generous with the ham which tasted great. The ordinary toast, nothing like the delish focaccia featured on their website, was a tad too dry; and the runny-looking eggs were overcooked.


Earl Grey custard-infused French Toast (S$16+) - Basil, strawberries, vanilla bean sauce, crushed pistachios

Hits and misses on this one. Carvers worked wonders in the preparation of their french toast, managing to cook it with a great caramelisation and crisp on the top, while having a moist and delicious custard-soaked interior. Thumbs up on technique. Regrettably the promised flavours were lacking. As yummy as the french toast was, there wasn't any hint of earl grey in it. The macerated strawberries had zero "basil" in them, and the vanilla bean "sauce" was really more of a natural yogurt. The custard wasn't too sweet to begin with, so all the components together made for a slightly sour dish. A drizzle of honey would have took it a long way.

The little brunch fare we had were not horrible, but neither were they mindblowingly awesome. What most impressed was oddly their staff, who seemed to be the epitomy of their food philosphy. Made up by people who looked absolutely nothing alike, the odd mix of staff were friendly, interesting, and really inviting. It was welcoming to see how people from different walks of life could get together over good food. And that's what Carvers is trying to tell us.

That we didn't have the best dishes today was our fault. I'd be sure to head down earlier next time to get some of that yummy steak dishes. And the bacon chips.

Carvers & Co

43 East Coast Road Singapore 473500

6348 0448

Weekdays: 11am-10pm (lunch ends at 2.30pm; snacks served from 2.30pm-5.30pm)

Weekends: 8.30am-10pm (brunch ends at 5pm)

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