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Carvers & Co

A name like that is an explicit hint to their forte. Boasting premium roasts like their Bone-In Prime Rib that goes at S$1 a gram, a dinner at Carvers is what most carnivores would look forward to. Despite the remarkably high cost, we decided to give Carvers' dinner a shot after being fairly impressed with brunch a few weeks back.

As with our first visit, the Bacon Chips (S$8+) are a must. Crispy, caramelized, and slightly spiced, it is a great way to start a meal and pique the appetite.


Kimchi Fries (S$10+) - Sour cream, kimchi, and nacho cheese with fries

Not on the permanent menu, this was introduced to us as their special. While it sounded really innovative and promising, the result was far less impressive. There was too much sour cream, neutralizing the strong flavours of the cheese and the kimchi and causing the flavours to be too muted. The sauces also caused the fries to become soggy really quickly. Quite the disappointment.


Anchovy Pasta (S$20+) - Aglio olio pasta tossed with anchovy paste

Overly salty, dry, and sharp on the tongue, this was yet another disappointment. The anchovy paste was not well incorporated, instead standing out like a sore thumb. Using salad vegetables to balance the salty anchovies is a great idea; but mesclun probably aren't the best veggies for the job. They ended up tasting a tad too raw. Arugula and rocket may have been better.


Carvers Plate for two (S$70+) - Trio of roast meats with potatoes, caramalised onions, & garlic confit

Featuring roast pork, chicken, and gammon ham, this meat platter looked absolutely mouthwatering. The pork was lean and tender (a pity they failed with the crackling); the chicken was succulent and perfectly cooked; and I loved how the onions and garlic confit could give the meats differing characters, What this platter failed at, was justifying its price. The gammon ham came in two meager slices, which caused it to dry up. The amount of meats and accompanying sides simply did not justify the hefty S$70+ price tag.

After the decent brunch we had, dinner was a stark disappointment. The only thing we'd possibly return for, is their stellar bacon chips.

Carvers & Co

43 East Coast Road Singapore 473500

6348 0448

Weekdays: 11am-10pm (lunch ends at 2.30pm; snacks served from 2.30pm-5.30pm)

Weekends: 8.30am-10pm (brunch ends at 5pm)

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