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Do.Main Bakery

I've always loved a good French boulangerie; especially after my 1-month stay in France. So imagine my excitement hearing that there's one popping up right in the east.

Sporting a really interesting name, "Do.Main" is a combination of two words: "dough", and "main" which is French for "hands". It is a venture by 2 Frenchmen Frédéric Deshayes and Christophe Megel, both previously from At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. With Chef Frédéric helming the kitchen, the bakery is inspired by the patisseries of Paris and the rustic cafés of Montmartre.


Do.Main offers freshly-baked breads and pastries, as well as a simple breakfast, lunch. and dinner menu. Savoury items include quiches, salads, soups and sandwiches.

We visited one evening after dinner at The Laneway Market. It was just about 10 minutes before closing, so there wasn't much left but a few pastries and patisseries. Do.Main's tarts and cakes come in slightly small servings, making the S$5-S$8 price tag seem unwarranted. Still, having heard good stuff about Do.Main we decided to have 3 items for takeaway.


Millefeuille Jivara (S$8)

Having made several appearances on social media, this dessert is essentially a simple entremet made with chocolate sheets, chocolate cream, and a hazelnut Bon Vivant. The waitress introduced the Bon Vivant as a gluten-free hazelnut crunchy base. What it is, is essentially a flourless hazelnut meringue.

It was decent - but no where worth the price. The chocolate cream was yummy, but nothing worth screaming about. The bon vivant which should have given the cake a nice crunch, was airy, soggy, and simply underwhelming. A hazelnut dacquoise would have been better.

But most importantly, this is nothing like a millefeuille. Pronounced [mil-fil] (and not [mil-foil] like what the waitress said), this dessert is more akin to Pierre Hermé's Plaisir Sucre instead of a millfeuille. And as a Plaisir Sucre it is very disappointing. Bakerzin's is tons better.


Royal Chocolat (S$8)

Apparently one of their newer desserts, this was simply introduced as chocolate. A decent chocolate mousse encased in a lacklustre layer of glazing chocolate, with yet another disappointing bon vivant crust. For S$8, I'd much rather visit Antoinette or The Audacious Cakery for more intricate and stunning cakes.


Apple Tart (S$5)

A tart base that was too soggy to hold its fillings, coupled with sour, overly-tart apples just didn't cut it. While some may fine the tartness welcoming, considering the stellar apple tarts I've enjoyed in the homeland of these bakers this was no where up to standard.

With a plethora of great bakeries and patisseries, I'm afraid Do.Main has much less to offer. The idea of having a true blue French boulangerie in Singapore is amazing, but that has to be backed up by quality food. As always it may be too early to say at the first visit; Do.Main's savouries may be as good as other reviews claim. At least for now, the unsubstantiated price tag on their less-than-adequate sweet bakes leaves much to be desired.

Do.Main Bakery

226 Tanjong Katong Road

Singapore 437015

6348 1406

Tuesdays to Thursdays, & Sundays: 0800-2100

Fridays & Saturdays: 0800-2230

Closed on Mondays

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