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The Hangar

Yet another spot in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood, sitting almost directly opposite (Working Title), is The Hangar. Barely 6-months old, the Melbourne-esque café boasts a simple menu of sandwiches and salads, along with a variety of specialty coffees.

The huge "Sexy Coffee" declarative on its storefront is an explicit hint to its forte. Owner Pav Khialani, previously from Sarnies, believes that a great cuppa will make your day a whole lot better - and that's translated into the exotic single origin beans offered at The Hangar. Slow-roasted in-house, The Hanger promises sweet and heavy-bodied coffees.

Long Black (S$5)

Unfortunately most of this knowledge comes post-makan, which means I didn't know about all the supposedly amazeballs coffee when I was there. Ordering a simple Long Black, I got a fairly decent coffee that hangs in the balance between being bold and acidic. It's definitely better than the likes of Paddy Hills, but nothing close to what Revolution Coffee offers. Knowing more now, perhaps I'll get a better brew if I asked the next time.

Norwegian Catch (S$15) - Norwegian smoked salmon on a bed of sourdough topped with spinach scrambled eggs and homemade dill aioli

Food-wise The Hangar offers a breakfast, brunch and lunch menu. Their breakfast menu runs from 9.30am to noon, so to grab their heartier bites do plan for an afternoon visit. We got there at 11am one weekday, and were surprised that they were also serving their brunch menu.

Apologies for this unappetizing picture, cause it's hard to make a bad dish look good. The Hangar's rendition of the typical smoked salmon brunch dish was quite disappointing. 4 slices of lukewarm, stringy smoked salmon, atop hardened and fully-cooked scrambled eggs. While having spinach in the smoked salmon is fairly interesting, the eggs were overcooked and not at all creamy or fluffy like a good scramble should be. Only thumbs up for this brunch dish would be the bread.

The Hangover (S$20) - The Hangar's Big Breakfast, with eggs, bacon, lamb or pork sausage, mushrooms, fried cherry tomatoes, and homemade baked beans

Suffice to say that the bread was also the best of this ubiquitous breakfast platter. Everything on the plate was oily and tasted straight out of the supermarket. It was odd that we weren't asked our preference of meat for the sausage, so I truly don't know what I had. The baked beans were quite yummy, but there were more tomatoes than beans, making it more like a tomato dipping sauce instead of baked beans. We thought this was a complete waste of 20 bucks.

The Hangar's been getting good reviews for its sandwiches; having missed those they would be the only reason behind a return. The mediocre coffee and lacklustre brunch items were a turn off to say the least, and for the prices I'm not sure I would make the second visit. With so many other great cafés in town, like the folks behind the amazing pork sandwich at Gæst, The Hangar's simply not worth it.

The Hangar

25 Arab Street Singapore 199724

6291 0127

Mondays: 8.30am-7pm

Wednesdays to Sundays: 8.30am-11pm

Closed on Tuesdays



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