• Nobelle Liew


I don't often make a second visit to any restaurant within a month, unless it's mindblowingly amazing, or downright disgusting. Artistry would belong to the latter. Our first visit was less than pleasant, with horrible sauce-drenched sliders and one of the worst cockatils we've tried. Since we did not manage to try what Artistry was famous for, we decided to give it another shot.


Duck Confit Pesto Linguine (S$18++) - Shredded duck with basil and pine nut pesto, pepper flakes, cherry tomatoes and topped with grated parmesan cheese

Al-dente noodles, tossed in a rich pesto sauce with heaps of shredded duck, this is by far one of the best pastas in Singapore. Succulent and juicy duck, more than a tinge of spice with the pepper flakes, and light sweet bursts from the cherry tomatoes - if not for the perfect balance of flavours, this dish shone for being generous with the ingredients. There was so much of that delicious duck it's surprising Artistry is pricing this at S$18++. Definitely more than worth the buck.


Eggs on Toast (S$15++) - Two eggs scrambled on toast, served with sauteed spinach, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms

A very decent eggs breakfast, with a spot-on toast and beautifully scrambled eggs. Our only gripe were the sauteed veggies, which came in a starchy sauce that makes it more like a Chinese stiry-fry. Roasted mushrooms and tomatoes, together with simle wilted spinach would have been preferable.


PB & J French Toast (S$14++) - Brioche French Toast, stuffed with swirls of peanut butter and raspberry jam, drizzled with maple syrup and then topped with vanilla bean ice cream and mixed-berry compote

Without a doubt, Artistry makes one of the best French Toasts in Singapore. The brioche was just the right amount of eggy, buttery, sweet, and crispy. Grilled to perfection, it's lightly drizzled with maple syrup and the tart berry compote. Together with a spoon of ice cream, every bite is the perfect balance of textures and flavours. Absolutely amazing. It's a pity the peanut butter was entirely undetectable. It would've been perfect if they nailed the PB & J.

In stark contrast to our first visit, this second try at Artistry was close to perfect. The delicious, stunning food, was truly impressive. If only Artistry could perfect the sliders and a decent cocktail.


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