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The Bravery

The first time we visited The Bravery, it was for a simple quick bite and coffee. That, and having left my camera at home, mandated a second visit regardless of the experience.

Another F&B venture by the folks behind The Plain and Ronin, The Bravery shares many similarities: it too follows a minimalist, industrial interior designing; uses the same Genovese beans for its coffee; and offers simple and fuss-free eggs and toast dishes. But it also holds its own with a brighter interior, larger variety, and food that's very much inferior.


It's evident flat lays aren't my forte.

For simple brunch fare, The Bravery takes a shockingly long time to dish up. We were the only active customers in that every other table's gotten their drinks and food; yet it took a blinking 20 minutes for scrambled eggs and toast to be served. While I can't say the same for The Plain, this is about 4 times the time I'd have to wait at Ronin.


The good thing is our coffee arrived within 5 minutes of seating; bad thing is the coffee was bad. The Cappucino (S$4.50) fell flat with too much room-temperature milk. The unwelcomed bitter specks on the microfoam did not help. We also tried the Long Black (S$4) which was lukewarm and very underwhelming. It's surprising seeing how Ronin is one of my favourite spots for coffee.


Eggs on Toast (S$8), with Lamb Sausage (S$4) - Poached/scrambled/sunny side up on buttered multigrain toast

This would probably one of the only things worth visiting for. The toast was delicious, buttered and toasted perfectly, and the accompanying sausage was fairly delightful. Yet the eggs, while decent, looked grainy and mashed - quite unappetizing and unlike the silky-smooth ones at Ronin. It is definitely the ugliest scrambled eggs I've seen. Look aside, S$8 is very steep for two thin slices of toast and a little egg.

We also tried the Bagel Set (S$14) which had a cinnamon raisin bagel served with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, cream cheese and mixed greens. The bagel was nothing impressive, tasting oddly similar to Starbucks'; the scramble looked as coagulated; and the greens were literally a bunch of vegetables dumped on. While plated beautifully, the smoked salmon was the biggest flop of the dish - it had a horribly fishy taste, and actually smelt a little bad. It's beyond me how something like that could be served.


Pancakes Stack (S$15) - with banana, ricotta cheese, crushed pistachios and syrup

Three pictures to emphasise on the cloud-like fluffiness of these pancakes. Touted as one of the "best pancakes in Singapore", it ended up being a huge disappointment. Texture-wise it's definitely one of the best, and would have been perfect to soak up the accompanying honey or maple syrup. Unfortunately The Bravery chose to serve golden syrup instead. Essentially a coloured sugar syrup, the golden syrup lacked that earthy fragrance and had a slight sharp acidity. The only plus point is that it's cheaper than maple syrup. Cutting costs ruined the perfect pancakes. I was absolutely disappointed.

Given the huge successes that are The Plain and Ronin, The Bravery is nothing short of a letdown. Amazing space that's wasted by the below-average food. While it is far from the worst, cheap bad ingredients and lousy execution makes it a place I'm unlikely to revisit.

The Bravery

66 Horne Road

Singapore 209073

6225 4387

Weekdays: 9am-7pm

Weekends: 8am-8pm

Closed on Tuesdays

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