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Assembly Coffee - & the Third Wave Coffee Movement

Assembly Coffee is a quaint café located at Evans Road Lodge, right smack between The Wine Company and Mr Prata. Founder and Head Barista Daphne Goh started Assembly hoping to share her love and passion for coffee; thus it's no surprise that Assembly prides itself as being part of the third wave coffee movement, catered towards the growing community of coffee connoisseurs who are willing to pay the premium for a quality cuppa.

Most of us have probably been riding the third wave before knowing what it even means. It essentially refers to the current coffee trend of producing high-quality coffee, paying attention to improvements at all stages of production. Artisanal coffee in short. A nice compilation done by "Meng" highlights most of the third wave participants in Singapore's coffee industry.

Assembly uses beans from local coffee roasters Liberty Coffee and Geisha Speciality. We had a few Long Blacks (S$4) which were well-balanced and bold enough for the average palette. A decent and enjoyable cuppa; though I wouldn't make the intentional trip for it. It was surprising to hear a regular comment that their coffee's really inconsistent, and that his is usually very acidic.

Lime Tart (S$6.50)

Aside from the coffee, Assembly offers a variety of sweet and savoury fare. The colourful display near the counter is usually packed full with cakes and pastries, their supersized cupcakes being huge crowd pleasers. We tried the lime tart and concurred it's one of the best lime tarts in Singapore. Tangy, creamy and beautifully specked with zest, this tart tart (see what I did there) boasts great flavours and a great bite.

Smoked Salmon & Eggs (S$15) - Atlantic smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, homemade cream cheese greek yoghurt served on toast

The food menu is short and concise, featuring some sandwiches, eggs on toast, and waffles. We tried the smoked salmon & eggs, which came with croissants because Assembly ran out of toast. I loved that they were really generous with the eggs, and had great smoked salmon. It's unfortunate that the silky-looking eggs were undercooked and under-seasoned. The croissant, whilst toasted, tasted ordinary and mediocre. It's another decent dish that's a bang for your buck, yet not something I would intentionally visit for.

Earl Grey Caramel Buttermilk Waffle (S$11.50) - Earl grey caramel sauce topped with vanilla ice cream

If there's something Assembly is more raved for than their coffee, it's their waffles. Unfortunately it was disappointing to have it looked so golden and crispy, only to turn out the opposite. The waffle though soft and fluffy, lacked that crisp that would've driven it over the top and was chewy instead. The earl grey caramel didn't have that beautiful floral infusion, sporting instead the bitterness of overbrewed tea. It was nice for Assembly to be so generous with the caramel, but it ended up too cloying and sticky. For great waffles, Milk & Honey, Craftsmen and Sunday Folks would be spots.

The prevalent trend at Assembly seems to be pretty decent food and coffee, that are enjoyable yet not worth the special trip. Many have praised their waffles and coffee though, so fingers crossed this may be a mere inconsistency (which isn't too favourable anyhow). I would definitely drop by if I'm around the area, but I don't think I'd make the intentional effort to visit Assembly.

Assembly Coffee

28 Evans Lodge Singapore 259367

6735 5647

Tuesdays to Sundays: 8am-7pm

Closed on Mondays



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