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Anyone who's been to Paris would've heard of Angelina. A tearoom that's branded itself the epitome of sophistication and indulgence, it's the place to be spotted at having tea in la cité de l'amour. With its high ceilings, Victorian cornice trims and ornate decor, it's hard not to feel like an aristocrat there.

So what better news than to find Angelina settling down in tropical ol' Singapore?


It was pure coincidence that we came upon their soft opening. Located at the newly-revamped Capitol Piazza, it was a detour from our initial plan to visit Dazzling Café. I was very excited to find out it was only their second day! I have amazing memories of this place back in Paris, so there was no way I was skipping out.


Old-fashioned hot chocolate "L'Africain" (S$12++)

Angelina's most famed for their African Hot Chocolate and Mont-Blanc pastry. The latter's essentially a beautiful creation of meringue, light whipped cream, and chestnut paste. A beautiful dessert that's definitely worth a try.

My heart however lies with the hot chocolate. David Lebovitz went as far as to call Angeline's rendition the best in Paris. Composed of three carefully selected kinds of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire, the exceptional beans lend to a rich and really dark flavour. Its fudge-like consistency isn't for the faint-hearted. Each order comes with a serving of chantilly cream, so mix that in if it's too heavy for you.


Eclair Chocolat (S$10++) - Choux pastry, bitter dark chocolate cream filling, chocolate icing

Great airy choux and a wonderful balance between the darker chocolate filling and sweet icing, this is one of the best éclairs in Singapore. It's nothing mindblowing like those at Janice's 2am Dessert Lab; instead simple and elegant, as an éclair should be.


Tarte Tout Chocolat (S$12++) - Cocoa pâte sucrée, crunchy praline biscuit, soft dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate icing

Intensely chocolatey, Angeline reinvented the classic chocolate tart by topping it with a generous crumble of crunchy praline icing. The sweet praline and crunchy sugar crystals, coupled with a dark smooth ganache made for the perfect chocolate dessert. It would've been perfect if the tart shell was crispier and a tad less soggy.


Apple Turnover (S$6++)

This was an unexpected hit. A delicious flakey butter pastry, encasing large cubes of sweet cooked apples. We've tried many apple turnovers, and Angelina's perfectly nailed the balance between savoury and sweet. It's definitely by far the best apple turnover in Singapore.


Paris-New York (S$13++) - Choux pastry, pecan praline light cream, crunchy pecan praline heart

Featuring the same yummy choux pastry, Angeline's rendition of the classic Paris-brest was my favourite of the meal and is a definite must-try. Using pecans in place of the usual almonds, the praline is nothing short of stunning. Creamy, sweet and crunchy all in a bite, this would be the choux of Pierre Herme's iconic Plaisir Sucre. I love the sprinkling of sea salt that really heightens and enhances the sweet pastry.


Angelina Smoked Salmon Salad (S$25++) - Smoked salmon from Scotland, roman style artichoke, fresh green beans, vine tomatoes, avocado, hard-boiled egg, mesclun salad

After all the stellar sweets, our first and only savoury dish was a sore disappointment. 2-3 slices of smoked salmon, half a boiled egg and some raw vegetables simply don't cut it. Considering the hefty pricetag and that it's Angelina, I expected more.


Mini Macarons (4 for S$13++) - Mont-Blanc, Chocolat-Passion, Caramel, Pistache

We ended our meal with a set of 4 macarons. Caramel and pistachio most impressed, the former sporting a brilliant salted caramel ganache, and the latter boasting an intensely nutty fragrance.

There hasn't been a spot so Parisian after Antoinette. With such stunning sweets and pastries, Angelina has indeed brought a little of Paris to us. It's too early to comment on the savouries; but should Angelina nail that after settling down, it would definitely next in line for Singapore's best chi-chi teahouse.


#01-82 Capitol Galleria

15 Stamford Road

Singapore 178906


Opens daily from 10am-8pm



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