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Hyde & Co.

Gone are the days where Kamplong Glam remained a traditional and Malay enclave. Step in today and you'd see a vibrant cocktail mix of cafés, bars and restaurants. Hyde & Co.'s one of the newest members to join this eclectic district. It stands out from the usual Aussie/American-inspired cafés with its white-washed walls, boasting instead a contemporary-English theme.

As with all English, tea is of central importance. Hyde & Co. offers an extensive tea menu with 45 impressive selections. From the usual black/white/green teas to unique herb and fruit blends, there's bound to be one to pique your interest.

Coffee lovers aren't neglected either. Brewing with beans from Bettr Barista, each cuppa was fragrant, bold, and nutty, with slight chocolate undertones. We had a Long Black (S$4) and a Latte, both of which impressed.

Hyde & Co. offers the usual all-day brunch menu of eggs and pastas, as well as a weekday set lunch running from 11am-3pm. A delectable list of unique waffle/pancake creations is also available for those with a sweeter tooth. What's exceptionally lovely is the friendly pricetag. Ranging from S$10-S$21 nett - plus a 10% discount for students - Hyde & Co. is a great spot for those on a budget.

Annoyingly forgot to bring my camera out that day! So apologies for photos that aren't on point.

We opted for a set lunch cause the stale affair of eggs and toasts did not appeal. For S$16, we got a salad/soup, a main, and a tea/coffee. A simple and delicious salad of sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and walnuts, the Hyde's Salad was the perfect start to our meal.

We chose the Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sandwich as our main. It is very generously stuffed with 10-hour cooked pulled pork, caramelized pineapple, cheddar, and topped with a fried egg. A large portion considering the price; unfortunately the pork was overly sweet and overwhelmed the entire sandwich. Other mains include Crabmeat Pasta, Bacon Mushroom Carbonara, or Oven-baked Salmon.

Hyde's Wings (S$10) - tossed with housemade BBQ sauce with carrot and celery batonnet in buttermilk chipotle dip

Lightly coated with a great BBQ sauce which nailed the balance between tangy and sweet, these wings and drumlets tasted more grilled than deep-fried. We liked it because most of the fat has been rendered off, thus keeping it lighter and less oily. It may be a tad tough to some.

Affogato (S$12) - House special espresso sauce, melted marshmallows; served with one scoop of vanilla bean ice cream

What most enticed on Hyde & Co.'s menu were the 4 innovative waffle/pancake creations. This Affogato took the popular dessert coffee to a whole new level. Pairing gooey marshmallows and a bittersweet coffee syrup lent to a fantastic play on flavours and textures. We were utterly in love with the flavour combination.

Yet flavours aside the most important component of the dish was lacking. The waffle was overly-crisp and hard, and would better pass off as a biscuit. My first bite resulted in a big gash inside my cheek. The chef said the waffles were intended to be that crunchy, which were confusing to me cause the texture left the waffles unable to soak up any of the good drippy flavours, instead proving a hassle. The pancakes would be a better option if the waffles aren't improved.

Hyde & Co. made a risky move taking on the atypical English twist on their café. The idea is novel, and it is nice to know the business is not suffering for being different. It is however disappointing that the older, more uniquely 'English', items like crumpets were scrapped from the menu; the café's current popularity stems from the more typical Aussie/American café offerings. Till the day the menu returns to being quintessentially English, I'd continue visiting Hyde & Co. for its decent food and highly affordable pricing.

Hyde & Co.

785 North Bridge Road

Singapore 198753

9369 4369

Monday to Sunday: 11am-6pm

Closed on Tuesdays



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