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OMB (Oh My Bacon)

What with all the newer café-restaurants coining novel ways to distinguish themselves, OMB took it to a whole new level as the very first bacon-centric café in Singapore. From bacon jam, bacon pancakes, pasta with bacon; to bacon ice cream, bacon brownie, and chocolate-coated bacon - OMB promises a bacon coma after each meal.

I popped by the few months old café for dinner as part of the Burpple Tastemakers' meetup. OMB spans 2 shop units and is located along Dunlop Street, which is fairly accessible on foot from the train stations Little India and Bugis. The interior of OMB is beautifully decorated with wall stickers, quotes, and a variety of cute bacon-themed retail items such as pillow cases, totes and aprons.

But decor aside, the key question remains: would the risk of having bacon on everything pay off?

Bacon Jam Session (S$12++) - Whisky-infused bacon jam served with slices of baguette

The dinner started with 2 appetizers, the first being this Bacon Jam. Essentially a caramelized bacon spread, this tasted deceptively similar to the locak bak kwa, just much sweeter and with less of a smokey fragrance. The caramelized onions only added to the cloying sweetness, resulting in a condiment that lacked any depth. It's a novel idea; unfortunately just one that did not work out.

Bacon & Egg Cup (S$12++) - Eggs with sun-dried tomatoes in a bacon cup over a bed of rosti

These little bites of bacon and eggs on the other hand were absolutely delightful. Creamy yolks, soft-set whites, and a slice of savoury salted bacon - what's there to not like? My only, and biggest, issue with these was the size: each cup was so tiny the eggs have got to be quail eggs. 12 bucks for three mini bites and a forgettable oily rosti simply doesn't appeal.

Bacon Bomb (S$28++) - Pork, beef and cheese wrapped in bacon; served with mashed potatoes

Essentially a meatloaf wrapped in bacon, OMB’s signature was quite the sight to behold. What we enjoyed about this were the surprising little blobs of melted mozzarella cheese that lifted the otherwise mediocre and fairly jelak mince. The surrounding caramelized bacon, though interesting, were soggy and failed to add that flavour and textural depth. We couldn’t finish this among the 4 of us.

Carbonara (S$15++) - Spaghetti with eggs, cheese and bacon

OMB stayed true to the Italian tradition of using only eggs and parmesan in their carbonara – a brave attempt that unfortunately did not pay off. The noodles were too hot, scrambling the eggs instead of mildly heating them to a creamy texture. It ended up as a dish of noodles with scrambled eggs and bacon instead of the decadent carbonara we expected. Only up-side was the generous amounts of bacon added. Which sadly wasn't redeeming enough.

Beef & Bacon Cheeseburger (S$17++) - Beef patty with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles served in toasted sesame buns, with a side of paprika fries

Suffice to say the paprika fries were the only thing I enjoyed. Generously covered in the fragrant spice, the chips were crisp and well-seasoned. The burger, however, was a stark disappointment. The patty was thin and not well formed - thus overcooked - and a tad too greasy; the strip of bacon was too streaky and fatty; all of that was masked by the slathering of mayonnaise, and topped off with dry buns. A Big Mac would make a better burger.

Jekyll & Hyde (S$2.50++ for 1/S$12++ for 6) - Bacon strips dipped in dark and white chocolate

The impression that nothing could go wrong with chocolate ended with this. The hard and thick layers of piped chocolate did nothing for the dry bland bacon, if possible worsening it. Where the crunchy cocoa-ladden chocolate broke with each bite, the rubbery bacon held on tightly, resulting in the "when is this breaking off?!" odd mouthful. I am a huge fan of the salty-sweet combination; but this failed terribly. If you had to try one, go for the white chocolate whose plainly sweet character won't clash as drastically with the bacon.

Bacon Brownie (S$4.50++), topped with Bacon Ice Cream (S$4.50++)

Brownie - as evident from the solid fudge - was not properly warmed up, and ice cream tasted like a simple vanilla ice cream if not for the occasional speck of bacon. The bacon in both desserts was not prominent, and when we actually tasted them the cured meat did not shine, instead tasted a tad intrusive. The result was an achingly sweet dessert whose calories aren't worth a single bit.

The idea of a bacon-themed establishment sounds really novel and enticing - thus the harsher judgement and criticism when OMB failed to pull it off. Of all the dishes I tried that night, none were mildly impressive. OMB is new, so they may improve after collecting some feedback. Still after tonight's experience, I doubt I'd return anytime soon.

OMB (Oh My Bacon)

7 Dunlop Street

Singapore 209337

Tuesdays to Fridays: 12pm-10pm

Weekends: 10am-10pm

Closed on Mondays

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