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After You Dessert Café

After You is a popular dessert chain in Bangkok, most famed for its colourful variety of Shibuya Toasts. While the dessert's not native to Thailand, and definitely not uncommon, After You's renditions are so highly sought after it's not surprising to find long queues any hour of the day.

They have 11 branches across Bangkok, with 3 in the Siam city centre. The flagship store's at Thong Lor, which is slightly inaccessible. The more central outlets don't differ in quality, so I suggest visiting those for convenience.

We popped by the one in Siam Square One on a weekday afternoon, not surprisingly to a fairly long queue. The efficient and well-oiled service team ensured the wait wasn't too long, and we got our seats within 10 minutes.

Besides Shibuya Toasts, After You offers a variety of other sweets - from muffins to cakes and fancy plated desserts - as well as very few savouries. Don't hold your breath on the food though: at 3pm they were already out of savoury pancakes.

Flat White (THB95)

After You makes a pretty decent medium-bodied cuppa with a floral finish. It's definitely not the best coffee we've had in Bangkok, but it's definitely a pleasant drink for less than S$4. Besides it is a welcomed break from all that sweet nothings.

Figgy Pudding (THB155)

This interesting plated dessert is essentially a spin on the classic sticky date pudding. The petite cake was moist and soft, accompanied by a freezing scoop of vanilla ice cream and lashings of caramel sauce. While the cake tasted fine, there was nothing remotely fig-ish about it. It would've also been better heated up further.

Shibuya Honey Toast (THB175)

The classic Shibuya Honey Toast comes with 2 generous scoops of vanilla ice cream, making it super worth the buck at less than S$7. The thick toast is as crispy as what we're familiar with in Singapore; what's so different about After You's is how liberally buttered these little cubes were. Each cube of bread is buttered on every side, which isn't bad cause it keeps the toast moist and adds to that sinfully salty fragrance. However, 2 scoops of ice cream also meant more liquid seeping into the bread. The end result is toast that turned too soggy too quickly, becoming a tad too jelak. A pity cause the ice cream overwhelmed the delicious Shibuya honey that came along separately.

It's only my first visit, and while I can't say I'm thoroughly impressed, I won't deny that the Shibuya Toast was fairly delicious. I wouldn't queue long hours for this, but it's an experience I don't regret. In fact I'll probably return again to try the other flavours like their Matcha and Ferrero toasts - only this time, I'd request for the extra scoop of ice cream on the side.

After You Dessert Café

Siam Square One

Ground Floor

+66 02 115 1949

Opens daily from 12pm-12midnight


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