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Art Box Bangkok

I first heard about Art Box when planning my itinerary for Bangkok, from Aroi Mak Mak who blogs extensively on BKK. I was looking for a night market that wasn't too touristy, too vintage-y, nor over-ly street food centric. A relatively new night market that started on 12 June 2015, Art Box was intended to last for just that weekend, but ended up extending to selected weekends till now due to its popularity amongst youths. It seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Think big container boxes crammed full with food and drinks, trinkets, innovative products, and loads of shopping. Complete with burger trucks, a mobile sausage grill, and live indie bands, that's about as hipster as it can get.

The main area is, as dark as it looks, very well litted. It's also packed full with people holding food and drinks, so be careful when squeezing in the crowd. Most of the Art Box crowd can be found here cause that's where all the interesting bites can be found. From Western fries and sausages, to Thai street food, one's spoilt for choice here.

Special Fries (THB105) by Another Fries

This was one of the first bites we tried. Essentially skin-on fries topped with mayo, hot sauce, paprika, oregano, parsley, bacon, and grilled cheddar and mozzarella. I love how they torch the cheese in front of you. Everything is made to order, including frying the potatoes, so this is a pretty hot and sinful treat. Check out their Facebook and Instagram, here and here.

There was food everywhere. Our biggest worries were running out of money and tummy space! Everything's take-away, but fret not there are seats along the peripheries of the night market.

If there's anything I would strongly recommend trying, it's this. Imagine a huge oyster the size of your hand, freshand juicy, topped with pickles, chili paste, thai chili sauces, and crisp fried shallots. As diverse as it may be, the medley of flavours worked beautifully together, enhancing the sweet shellfish. The combination of great flavours and stunning freshness makes this possibly the best oysters I've had.

There are also plenty of desserts and sweet treats about. We thought this looked pretty cool, but were too weight conscious after all that fries.

If you like soft, moist, melt-in-your-mouth kinda brownies, then Bakery Krush would be right up your alley. The Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef whipped up such innovative flavours it was hard to hold ourselves back.

Mango sticky rice isn't all that uncommon or new; but really how can you say no when it comes with such pretty-looking colourful rice?

Besides great food, you can also look forward to really interesting drinks. From freshly squeezed and cold-pressed juices, traditional Thai cha yen, to eclectic flavoured sodas, there's definitely no shortage of thirst quenchers.

Happiness juice was one of our favourites, featuring interesting combinations of cold-pressed juices. The Coconut & Chia as well as Passionfruit & Mango we absolutely loved.

Minions VS Captain America: who'd win the battle?

I'm not entirely sure what this is, cause everything was hidden beneath this cloud of evaporated dried ice. Be it a sundae or a drink, the immense queue must mean it's pretty good. Helps to look so damn awesome too.

There are a lot of amazing things in the rows of container that you'd find hard to resist, but do try to cause other good food can be found along the way, as well as nearing the stage. There's also a huge seating area facing the stage, so it may be a good idea to explore this area before you're stuffed.

Burger fans would definitely wanna save some space and cash for this, cause judging from the sinfully greasy aromas and expressions of utter ecstacy of those walking past me, the Mother Trucker must make pretty damn good burgers. this Trust me, you'd be enticed after looking at their Instagram.

And if queues everywhere are too long to bear, there's always sausages on a walking, mobile grill. Totally digging the idea and hoping they'd do this back here in Singapore!

Art Box was the first night market I visited in Bankok, and it set the bar real high for others. Suffice to say this was my favourite and nothing else could compare. It's the extensive and rather random mish-mash of shops that makes this a wonderful night markets for youths. It's not the place to come for vintage finds or cheap fake goods; it's a place you'd wanna come down with friends after a long day at school, for a bit of fun looking food and great music.

Art Box Bangkok

Airport Link Makkasan Station

Dates of the night market are announced on their Facebook.



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