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Luxe Singapore: Pricey but stellar quality food

Just around the corner of Melbourne-inspired The Lokal, is yet another quintessentially Australian F&B establishment: Luxe. Decked in chic-minimalist whites and woods, the beautiful large space at Keong Saik is home to Luxe's first venture off Australia. The new all-day dining venue hails from Bondi Sydney, hoping to bring Luxe Sydney's concept of luxurious yet unpretentious dining experience to Singapore.

Luxe Singapore's kitchen is helmed by Singapore-born Chui, who had been living in Sydney since she was 7. Her creations reflect her multicultural background, where French techniques, contemporary Australian cuisine, and tropical Asian ingredients come together in a novel amalgamation of flavours and textures.

All of this can be found in Luxe Singapore's East-meets-West menu. On weekdays their lunch & dinner menu features smaller entrées like the Grilled Octopus with XO sauce (S$21+) and Risotto Cakes (S$20+), as well as larger mains like the Luxe Burger (S$28+).

First, their joes. Pulling with beans by Toby's Estate, the coffee at Luxe did not disappoint. We had a Flat White which was fantastically creamy, medium-bodied, and boasted a delicious bittersweet crema. The Long Black was nice, if not a little too acidic for my preference.

We visited one Saturday afternoon, and managed to sample both their lunch and weekend-only brunch menu. The one-pager latter is short and concise with but few options; yet what they lack in quantity Luxe makes up for in quality.

Luxe Maple Nut Granola (S$16+) - Tropical fruit & yoghurt

Their homemade granola for example makes for a wonderfully healthy, sumptuous, and undoubtedly delish breakfast. The crunchy granola surprises with specklings of rainsins, both golden and red, and whole walnuts. Generously topped with a rainbow medley of fresh diced tropical fruits, a dollop of yogurt and some milk, it's a fresh and light start to any day. It isn't the cheapest granola, but you can be sure you're getting the best ingredients and tons of flavours with that.

Merryberry Ricotta Hotcakes (S$18+) with Vanilla Ice Cream (S$5+) - Maple syrup and exploding candy

These hotcakes too are a unanimous favourite. Think gourmet McDonald's pancakes - in a great way. Unlike thick stacks found everywhere else, Luxe's thin fluffs of cloud were soft, moist and lightly sweetened. These were delicious and unpretentious, perfect paired with the (real) maple syrup and fresh tart berries.

Scrambled Eggs (S$13+) - Artisan bread & butter

Of course, the usual fare of eggs and toasts are also offered at Luxe. We tried the recommended Eggs Benedict (S$20++), which though accompanied with proscuitto instead of ham, was unimpressive, too small a portion, and not worth its pricetag.

Fans of flexible breakfast sets would be delighted with the scrambled eggs option that allows for an extensive variety of add-ons. Avocado, hash and baked beans, smoked salmon, chipolatas and bacon are but few of the options available. There's everything you need to make your ideal breakfast.

Grilled Octopus (S$21+) - Chui's XO sauce

From the weekday menu, we had a few entrées and mains to share. A twist on the classic Spanish Pulpo a la Gallega, Luxe's Grilled Octopus came tossed in the chef's homemade XO sauce. The octopus was cooked perfectly, yielding the right amount of bounce without being rubbery. While we loved the fragrant sauce and the intricacies of this dish, it was a tad too pricey to swallow.

Sausage Roll (S$18+) - Pork & fennel with salad

This sausage roll came highly recommended by the staff (who by the way always don adorable heart-specked shorts) with particular emphasis that everything's made in-house. From the buttery puff pastry and herby pork filling, to the accompanying tomato relish and pickled fennel salad, every component screams dedication. Here the humble sausage roll is transformed into an elegant dish worth paying the premium.

Leafy Green Salad (S$12+) - buttermilk dressing

With all the intense flavours, a salad may sound good. However we'd recommend giving their only - and overpriced - salad a miss, going instead for other sides like the Cauliflower & Sunflower Seeds (S$16+) or Shoestring Fries (S$8+).

Grilled Barramundi (S$36+) - Rojak flower butter sauce

Perfectly seared with a crisp skin and soft sweet flesh, Luxe does this Asian seabass justice. I especially love how the fresh fish remains the star of the dish, accompanied by a light and complementing butter sauce. The pickled rojak flower keeps the dish light and palatable: an ingenous addition.

Sakura Chicken (S$32+) - Half bird roasted with honey & turmeric

Yet another stellar main, Luxe's sakura chicken is absolutely delicious. Roasted to perfection, this healthier bird boasts a fragrant spiced skin that puts most crackling to shame, while keeping the meat tender and juicy.

In just one meal, Luxe has made it to the top of my favourite café-restaurants. The coffee is great, food stunning, and service impeccable. The biggest gripe most people would have with Luxe is its prices. Yes it may be pretty steep, yet with the premium ingredients and wonderful execution, the pricetag isn't unreasonable. Visit with a larger group to split the cost, cause it is worth the trip.

Luxe Singapore

1 Keong Saik Road #01-04

Singapore 089109

6221 5615

Tuesdays to Fridays: 12pm-12am

Saturdays: 9am-12am

Sundays: 9am-4pm

Closed on Mondays



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