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Belvoir Fruit Farms: 4 new 100% natural Pressés

What would you say to a thoroughly natural juice drink, made with real and pure ingredients?

We've always wanted to enjoy a good bubbly, knock down a delicious cocktail after a long day at work, or just simply enjoy a glass of refreshing fruit juice without having to worry about the refined sugars and artificial substances added. Unfortunately that's not always - and almost never - possible. More often than not we're paying exorbitant prices for drinks made with the crappiest of syrups.

But with Belvoir, not anymore.

Hailing from the idyllic Belvoir countryside of the UK, Belvoir Fruit Farms has been creating delicious natural fruit cordials for over 30 years. They are renowned for their cordials and single-serving pressés that manage to encapsulate all the delightful flavours of summer into a bottle. Every drink is meticulously prepared by carefully pressing fresh fruits and infusing flowers in a mix of Belvoir's famous spring water.

With no preservatives, artificial flavouring or colours, Belvoir's refreshing and healthy drinks make a wonderful and guilt-free respite in Singapore's climate. Enjoy them cold and sparkling as pressés, diluted into a juice with the cordials, or baked into delicious treats.

Few weeks back, Belvoir introduced 4 new flavours to its existing single-serving Pressés in Singapore. These include Elderflower & Rose, Raspberry Lemonade, Summer Fruits, and Mango & Peach. The Elderflower & Rose is already retailing at selected selected hotels, restaurants and cafés, few familiar names being Costa Coffee, Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters and Oriole. Following the first flavour, the remaining three flavours will be available from October at these F&B outlets, as well as major supermarkets and online at Healthy Gourmet.

We got to try the Elderflower & Rose Pressé during Belvoir's media event, and found ourselves thoroughly in love with the drink. Delectably light and fruity, the carbonated drink had subtle floral undertones that cut through the fizziness, keeping it refreshing and palatable.

What's more impressive however, is not simply how delightful the new drinks were; but the endless culinary possibilities with Belvoir's products that extend far beyond mere beverages. To showcase the versatility of their products, Belvoir has partnered with several cafés and restaurants to incorporate Belvoir's floral and fruity flavours into their menu. We were hosted by one such restaurant, Rabbit Carrot Gun, and its sister bar The Trenchard Arms, with a specially designed a menu that exemplifies how Belvoir's prodcuts can be used to create amazing food.

The canapés, for example, saw Belvoir's cordials used as marinades. The mini Yorkshire puddings came with chunks of ribeye marinated in Belvoir's Blackcurrant & Cox Apple Cordial,. while the chicken sliders had patties marinated in their Ginger Cordial. I especially liked how the fruitiness was subtle yet clearly discernible. Proper seasoning would've made these fantastic.

From simple salads, to fancier crabcakes and quiche, each dish was unpretentious and placed the focus on Belvoir's cordials. While using the cordials in savoury dishes were innovative and fairly pleasant, I particularly enjoyed them as salad dressings: the refreshingly sweet flavours pair wonderfully with bitter arugula.

Besides savouries, Rabbit Carrot Gun also whipped up 2 simple and delicious desserts: mini pavlovas and an elderflower cheesecake. The former, with a nice blackberry filling, would make great party bites. The latter, however, stole my heart. Smooth, creamy, and boasting the delicate fragrance of the elderflower cordial, the no-bake cheesecake was a hit with all of us. Definitely something any homecook can attempt - and successfully too.

Of course, one of the most predictable uses for cordials are in cocktails and mocktails. We were treated to a variety of cocktails through the course of the media event, from feminine raspberry Bellinis to tropical ginger concoctions. These drinks are shockingly easy to make, taste great, and are much healthier compared to many commercial cocktails that use a lot of artificial products and processed sugars. Besides isn't it great to be able to shake up a simple drink in the comfort of your own home? Belvoir's cordials are the perfect ingredients to have in any homebar.

With one single product, you can prepare canapes, make salad dressings, shake up stunning cocktails and drinks, and mix up a mighty impressive cheesecake. Need I say more?

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