• Nobelle Liew


How is it like to see the world in just black and white?

No colours, no hues, just gradients of monochrome.

I know this blog, online diary, whatever you'd like to call it, started on the premise of loving food and all things related. Then looking at old papers one day it suddenly struck me: how much interest would people have in these 'blogs' and 'influencers' if these pictures become void of colours? Will my soft-serve look any bit attractive, tall and carefully arranged they may be? Will the Michelin-starred 12-course degustation impress, or just look like a puny portion of God-knows-what?


Anyway I've recently been really into hand lettering and design, and while I'm definitely nowhere near decent at it it's shockingly really addictive and fun! With all my endless attempts to find organic, unique brush fonts, I've come to realise that sometimes it's the most raw, messy, unplanned lettering that looks the best.

I've found Cocorrina the most wonderful source of inspiration. Her designs, illustrations, even branding projects are so unlike what you usually see — and can you believe she learnt all of that on her own? Hats off and so much respect for Corina really, fingers crossed I can work my way up to even an inch of her success.

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