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IZY FOOK: Easily the best chow on Club Street

November 23, 2019

As a Chinese Singaporean, I have to admit an unhealthy obsession with roast pork (siu yoke) and char siu. Adding on my rice allergy, it's not an exaggeration when I say a typical lunch would be $15 worth of roasted meats. From your regular hawker stall. Imagine how much roasted meats that equates.


If you love roasted meats, you'd know of Roast Paradise. And if you know Roast Paradise, you'd have heard of Fook Kin and Izy Fook.


(Photo credit: Izy Fook)


A collaborative concept between Sonia Chew of 987FM, Izy Dining and Bar, and Roast Paradise, Izy Fook is an izakaya bar that serves mod-Sin cuisine — a mix of fusion concepts and contemporary Singaporean fare basically. Take a look at their menu and you'd understand. They do clams spruced up with char siu, cereal prawns with chilli aioli, and *wait for it* beef rendang tacos. All that fancy schmancy dishes aside, the pièce de résistance of each table is, without question, their roasted meats.


Char Siu & Roast Pork ($20++ for small)


Would you just look at that siu yoke. So so lean, lots of flavourful salty meat to indulge in and none of that chewy fat to get in the way, and that fabulous golden crackling. Not necessarily a popular opinion I'm sure, and if you don't request for leaner cuts like I did you'll probably get the usual fattier ones, but I gotta say Izy Fook's siu yoke ticked every box in my book. 


Their char siu is even better, believe it or not. Fantastically charred edges (I adore the black bits), a sticky sweet, caramel-y glaze, and such juicy meat. I’d go as far as to say I've never had char siu like this, even in Hong Kong. 


Cereal Soft Shell Prawns (S$24++) — Chilli aioli, fried curry leaf



Beef Rendang Tacos (S$12++) — Pineapple salsa, cilantro


Tbh I don’t really know how I feel about this Beef Rendang Tacos 🤔 On one hand I’m a sucker for anything rendang or tacos so this dish basically had me from the get go, and that’s not even considering how tasty the rendang itself is. (Can I also say I love the achar they serve on the side?) Yet on the other I wasn’t convinced by the watery curry, nor the abysmal amount of meat. The meat to fat ratio was, I ain’t kidding, 1:5. Or less. I barely had one mouthful with just meat; everything else was fat fat and fat.


Superior Prawn Mee Pok (S$19++) — Tiger prawn, pork, lap cheung, sakura ebi, egg


Never thought I’d pay $19 for mee pok, but I did — and exceedingly willingly. Maybe it’s the fresh tiger prawns that were a stark difference to the usually halved tiny (maybe mushy) prawns; maybe it’s the perfect balance of condiments and flavours, from the spicy chilli to the rich broth, umami-packed sakura ebi, and sweet lup cheong; or maybe it’s simply how I couldn’t seem to put the spoon down till the bowl was empty. I can’t really pin it down cause all I remember was snippets of “mm this is so good” while wolfing it all down


Wagyu Truffle Don (S$34++) — Wagyu beef, truffle, slow-cooked egg, natsuboshi rice 

I wasn’t 100% sure about trying this Wagyu Truffle Don ($34) cause of the steep price, and also cause I ain’t the biggest fan of truffle oil. But then I took a bite, and alright @izyfook you got me convinced. There’s literally nothing bad I can say about this, nothing for me to pick on. First of all, they used nanatsuboshi Hokkaido rice in this and it was superbly cooked. Moist and just the right amount of sticky, if that makes any sense. Thin slices of wagyu were flavourful, tender, and juicy, with the perfect meat-to-meat ratio. Underneath that hides a slow-cooked egg with a beautiful runny yolk, and when you mix it all up that lends a wonderfully rich flavour to the whole rice bowl. But most importantly, the truffle oil wasn’t overly potent. Just enough to perfume the dish without overpowering everything — and that really sealed the deal for me.


Izy Fook

27 Club Street

Singapore 069413

9786 7396/9678 0027


Weekdays: 12PM-2PM; 6PM-late

Saturdays: 6PM-late

Closed on Sundays


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IzySingapore/

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